In line with the deregulation of gas and electricity, the water market is expected to de-regulate in due course, allowing all water suppliers to compete for your custom.   When Water Deregulation occurs, your personal Consultant at Cub-Wales will be able to negotiate the best quote for the water supplies and services for your Business, further increasing the gains your Business will benefit from by using Cub-Wales totally FREE MANAGEMENT SERVICE.

The UK is entering its next phase of national utility deregulation.  With the UK Competition Act of 1998, as well as the pending Water Bill, a new model for water deregulation is being decided.   With the water monopoly gone, fair open trading will begin, with Businesses being encouraged by immediate savings.

Major water monopolies are devising strategies for opening competition, as retailers, distribution networks and producers will be poised for disaggregation.


In the late 1990's the energy market regulators and the UK government decided to end the monopoly that British Gas and the regional electricity companies had in the UK.  They "deregulated" the energy markets, which meant that other companies could supply gas and electricity to regions that were previously unavailable.

The gas market was the first to deregulate and new gas companies or electricity companies could start to supply gas in the UK to what had previously been a totally British Gas Clientelle.

The electricity market was next to open up.  There were originally 14 supply areas in the UK, with regional supply companies.  Each of these companies could only supply the customers in their respective regions.

After a few years of this the restrictions were lifted to allow regional supply companies to compete in a fully deregulated market.

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