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Smart Inbound Services

  • SmartNumbers are NGN Numbers (0800, 0845, 0870, 0871, 09xx, 03xx) which have additional functionality provided by our inbound telephone exchange

  • Exchange based smart services are cost effective since they enable you to have a wealth of advanced features without capital expenditure

  • SmartNumbers are also future proof since you also have the ability to tweak or change your solution as your needs change. You can also convert a Smart Number back to a standard NGN number or cease it completely (subject to any minimum contract period)

User Configurable Inbound Call Routing

  •       Web based customer configurable NGN numbers. You can change where the NGN rings (and for how long) etc

  •       "Find Me" Inbound Routing with up to 4 destinations

  •       "Overflow" Inbound Routing to switch calls to another office when the primary destination is busy or does not answer within a specified time

  •       NGN Routing to Mobile numbers

  •       NGN Routing to International destination

  •       Voice Mail with .WAV file forwarding to email

  •       Out of hours routing to a mobile, voice mail, a different office or a message taking service/virtual office provider

Intelligent Inbound Call Routing

  •       Our exchange can route calls to your local offices based on the STD code of the incoming calls

  •       Our exchange can ask a basic question and take a response to automatically route the call the most appropriate UK or International office.

Inbound Call Recording

  •       Inbound Call Recording with .WAV file forwarding to email

  •       Inbound Call Recording with archiving at our data centre

  •       Record all or selected calls

Mid Call Transfer and Virtual PABX

  •       Mid Call Transfer - enabling you to have a Multi-Site virtual PABX

  •       Transfer calls using the "#" key on your handset

IVR Menu Systems

  •       Basic IVR menus E.g. "press 1 for Sales, 2 for accounts" etc.

  •       Custom IVR solutions. Please ask for a bespoke quotation

Call Queuing Solutions

  •       We can keep your caller on hold until you have an available operator to take their call

  •       We can play music on hold or advertising messages or generic company information

  •       We can embed IVR interaction to route the call more effectively

  •       We can handle some basic information requests such as opening hours, company address, fax numbers etc.

Inbound Call Statistics

Using your own account on our call statistics website, you can build, save and run a number of different Inbound Call Statistics reports.

  •       "Real Time" - Calls show in the reports within 30 minutes

  •       Monitor the average time taken to answer calls and if this changes with different staff on duty

  •       Accurately identify busy periods to optimise staffing levels

  •       Identify how many calls you miss without being answered

  •       Identify which advertisements or marketing releases generate the most responses and when those responses occur

  •       Identify which STD code or Postcode your inbound calls came from

Virtual Fax

We can provide a smart NGN number which answers with a fax tone and then forwards the inbound fax to your email address as a graphic email attachment

This is great solution if you receive many faxes since you get have the use of our 4000 virtual fax lines for the price of one

Smart Inbound Services behind standard 01 or 02 numbers

Although Smart Inbound services are normally associated with NGN numbers (03xx, 08xx and 09xx), our supplier can sometimes offer smart services behind standard 01 or 02 telephone numbers. These numbers would be provided by us and there may be additional charge for the rental and use of these virtual landline numbers
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The more you call The more you save!
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