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Mobile 'Phones and Contracts Overview

Our Consultants understand that choosing the right mobile contract for a business of any size can be a challenging and lengthy task.

With this in mind, we will perform the hard work for you which will result in a brief written proposal. All we ask in return is that you choose us to supply and connect the contract should you decide to proceed.

Although we can supply mobile contracts on six UK mobile networks, the vast majority of our business clients prefer solutions based on the major three players:

    * Vodafone
    * Orange
    * O2

We can supply almost every make and model of handset, however over 90% our clients stay with the primary business brands such as Nokia and Samsung.

PDA's, Blackberry's and Accessories

Although most of our clients simply demand good all round business handsets, our in-house technical team enables us to supply and assist in the configuration of advanced business handsets such as PDAs and Blackberry's. We also supply a limited number of mobile accessories such as Bluetooth headsets and Parrot car adaptors.

High Speed Mobile Broadband

Our supplier is an established and proven leader in Broadband technology and this expertise extends to the complex field of high speed mobile broadband.

We can supply a range of PCMCIA Data Cards, PC Express Data Cards, 3G USB adaptors and Mobile Broadband Routers as used by our DualRoute product. All our products are 3G devices supporting the latest HSDPA+ standards typically delivering connection speeds of 1.8Mb or 3.6MB. We also have a number of 7.2Mb products for those lucky enough to be located in an area served by a 7.2Mb service.

Mobile Broadband is available from all of the major networks, although it is fair to say that the coverage and performance of certain networks is normally preferable to all the others. We have many contract options for mobile broadband, plus a number of PAYG solutions for the occasional user.

Business Only

Our supplier specialise in the supply mobile handsets and contacts to business customers. Our typical client has between 2 and 40 handsets sharing between 400 and 50,000 minutes. We do not usually supply personal contracts, except as a favour to specific customers who are looking for a complete "One Stop Shop" relationship with us.

Can we Quote For Your Next Mobile deal?

If your company mobile contracts are up for renewal shortly, why not ask our consultants to investigate the best deal in the marketplace to meet the needs of your business.

Most business contracts include new handsets free of charge and we can usually reduce your overall costs and/or increase your inclusive minutes. Please give our sales team a call to discuss your exact requirements.
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The more you call The more you save!
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