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Open the Door to
Cheaper Telephone/Broadband Bills


In most cases we can find you the same services that you are enjoying now at up to 50% plus Cheaper than BT Retail

We are a Team of Commercial Utility Consultants

When you contact Cub-Wales you get your own personal consultant, who will host you through the maze of bills and jargan bringing you to the liberty of worry-free telephony/broadband billing!   We can become the Utility Arm of your business, keeping a diligent watch on the contract endings and market prices, bringing you the best possible deals

We will:

  • Analyse Your Telephone / Broadband Bill
  • Find you an Affordable Compatible Quality Option
  • We will let you have your Free Comparison back a.s.a.p
  • We will only direct you to Credable Telephony Company's

We only work with Telephone Company's who:

  • purchase directly from BT Wholesale which means you keep your BT line
    {cheap telephony moves you onto LLU lines, which means they move you away from a BT line, this disadvantages you when you decide to move provider}
  • use BT OPEN REACH Engineers for all fault rectifying and new works
  • only work with excellent UK based suppliers who have excellent time responses to your calls
  • have human beings answering the telephone as soon as you ring {no automated answer-services}

Print, sign and return

We'll be in touch soon with your answers

There are no catches

This is a TOTALLY FREE SERVICE, which is initially a fact-finding process.    We will get the best prices for all your utilities.   This free service from Cub-Wales places you under no obligation.

The more you call The more you save!
The more you call The more you save!

Communications / Telephony

Whatever your chosen methods of communication, Cub-Wales has a bespoke solution to significantly reduce your business overheads.  Our extensive market experience coupled with our unparalleled working relationship with tier one providers ensures our clients receive cost effectiveness without compromising on service.

Cost & Requirements Assessment

Cub-Wales will free of charge, assign you to a consultant who will determine your communications requirements offering advice on where and how to reduce spend.  All you have to do is say "YES" to saving money!  Everything that is needful to be done to ensure the smooth transition to your new provider will be carried out as part of Cub-Wales FREE MANAGEMENT SERVICE.   We are on hand and well able to help, whether your Business is large or small.   We can also analyse all your Business mobile needs and come up with excellent alternatives

Lower Call Charges

Our working relationship with several fixed line and mobile communications providers ensures we always deliver exciting call charge savings.  We are often able to secure significant reductions of over 50% without any intrusive hardware or prefix number dialling.  We will never move you away from a BT Wholesale Service which will always be maintained by Fully-Qualified BT Open Reach Engineers.  A First Class Service for Your First Class Business!   You can't afford to have anything but QUALITY FOR YOUR BUSINESS!


The vast array of ISPs and products available can be confusing.  We can offer an impartial review of the market and offer a broadband solution to suit your needs and budget.  With larger business requirements, we have trained engineers on hand to advise you of the best broadband services.   We also have double, triple and quad broadbands available that offer you 90% more speed.   Although the costs are higher, the advantages to business's who are needing these speeds is far outweighed by the cost!

Quality and Price

Be assured if a Broadband service is extremely cheap, then you're definately not going to get the quality you deserve for your business.   Usually a cheap broadband service has a high contention ratio.    This means that lots of businesses are connected to the same broadband gateway.   At peak times you'll visably notice your connection slowing down.    It's similar to being outside a football ground just before kick-off, you can hardly squeeze through the gates....   Pop down on a monday morning and you can breeze through.

Your Business deserves a good quality broadband connection with a low contention ratio, let us advise you on the best quality at the best price!

If your business broadbands needs are above the norm' then let our own engineers telephone you personnaly suggesting the best quality broadband to suit your business.    We have dual-bonded, triple bonded and a whole range of 'better options'.   Dual-bonded broadband will in crease your speeds by 90%!

Beware of line rentals below 9.50 per month as this usually indicates that your line is being converted to LLU (a non Openreach line).    You may find yourself tied without choice until you pay 100's to convert back. 

Non-geographic numbers
Smart Inbound Services

Exchange based smart services are cost effective since they enable you to have a wealth of advanced features without capital expenditure
Mobile Phones and Contracts Overview

Bonded Broadband is up to FOUR TIMES FASTER than Standard Broadband

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