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Commercial Utility Brokers, Commercial Utilities, cheap gas, cheap electricity, cheap telephones, broadband, mobiles
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We are a Team of Commercial Utility Consultants

When you contact Cub-Wales you will get your own personal consultant, who will host you through the maze of bills and jargan bringing you to the liberty of worry-free energy billing!   We can become the Utility Arm of your business, keeping a diligent watch on the contract endings and market prices, bringing you the best possible deals from the whole UK energy marketplace

We will:

  • Find our your energy {Gas and Electricity} contract-end dates
  • Just before the end date we get the best quote for your business by scouring the whole UK energy market.   We will use our considerable experience and influence with all the leading Energy and Telephony Suppliers to negotiate the best deal for your Company
  • We will deal with the whole new contract process for you, advising you of the best terms and lengths
  • We will terminate with your current provider for the contract-end date to ensure you don't roll-over into an unwanted, expensive renewal.  This means we'll diligently watch for the brief window that's allowed to you for this
  • We will freely look after your account ad-finitum ensuring your business always gets every benefit our consultants personal attention to your accounts can offer 

We work with all the UK Energy Suppliers to save you money on your overheads!

  • We do not take any of the money that we save you, all the savings are totally yours to keep
  • We know gas, electricity and telephone bills are meant to totally baffle us all.   WE LOVE LOOKING AT THESE BILLS, we have trained to understand them, and can analyse your bills and give you amazing advice!  -  ALL FREE OF CHARGE TO YOU!   
  • We get excited when we can save your Business money!   
  • We hope you'll get excited about saving your money too!!!!
  • At Cub-Wales , we do our job well, and allow you the extra time to give to yours! 

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There are no catches

This is a TOTALLY FREE SERVICE, which is initially a fact-finding process.    We will get the best prices for all your utilities.   This free service from Cub-Wales places you under no obligation.

Commercial Utilities Saving on you Electricity and Gas
The sooner you call
The sooner you save!
The sooner you call
The sooner you save!

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