About Cub-Wales

Cub-Wales is an Independent Utility Agency, working in Association with a Management Consultancy whose Directors share over 35 years industry experience.   We will scour the energy and telephony marketplace to ensure our clients get the best possible deal on every utility

Why offer our services?

Utility consultant representation in the marketplace is fast becoming an absolute necessity in UK commerce.  Outragious stories of horrifically priced roll-overs have been predominant in the Business News.   Scouting the energy market as a consumer for an appropriate product can be a time consuming, costly hassle.  Purchase-timing, choice of supplier and contract term are imperative in protecting your cash-flow from such a volatile market.

No cost, No obligation

We receive an introduction fee from the suppliers, therefore, our total analysis of your bills and situation comes to you totally FREE-OF-CHARGE! 

Free, Ongoing, Professional Service

You will be allocated your own personal Cub-Wales Utility Consultant, and can be assured of their personal attention for every utility we supply to you.     You will also be assured that we will always put you, the client first, and that if there's ever a better deal for your business, you'll be the first to know about it
Terms and Conditions

If a client agrees a quote, accepts it and allows Commercial Utility Brokers / Cub-Wales to put such a quote with a supplier through for them. And afterwards, changes their minds for any reason:- Commercial Utility Brokers / Cub-Wales offers a totally free service to Commercial Business's to get them best prices for their Utilities, also following up on them., continually checking when their contracts are coming up for renewal. This management service is also completely FREE.

If after accepting a quote from Commercial Utility Brokers / Cub-Wales and instructing the Company to go ahead with the transfer of supply and giving it's custom to the Supplier they agreed to move to. Commercial Utility Brokers / Cub-Wales shall be entitled to charge their client an administration fee of up to 150 plus V.A.T. for the waste of time of its office staff

The Customer acknowledges that by entering into a Contract with a Supplier, the Customer will be contracting directly with the Supplier and not with Commercial Utility Brokers / Cub-Wales. The Customer agrees that Commercial Utility Brokers / Cub-Wales is not liable in any way in relation to any transactions, dealings or arrangements of any kind made between the client and any Supplier and that any such transaction, dealing or arrangements (including, without limitation, any payment obligations of the Customer thereunder) are the Customer's sole risk and responsibility. 
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